Final Results

We’ve just moved everything back into the Bitstamp and converted everything into USD.

On 28th March, at the start of the real-time experiment,  we had $23938.96 in the Bitstamp account. After 15 weeks of trading this has grown to $54045.70 after all costs and fees, including transferring back and forth to Poloniex to trade the alt coins.

This equates to a return of +125.76%

Over the same period Bitcoin has grown from 1044 to 2010 (at time of writing on Bitstamp) for a return of +92.5% so the AI models have shown an impressive return overall and also outperformed the benchmark Bitcoin growth.

The other real stand-out is the lower volatility. While all the coins have shown huge swings during this period the AI bots have successfully navigated this and kept volatility and drawdowns lower than the coins themselves.

These results show the huge potential that AI has for extracting profits from the cryptocurrency space and bodes well for the success of our ICO, AICoin.

— Wintermute —

3 thoughts on “Final Results

  1. Very Impressive results. Especially navigating the latest volatility. I’m curious as to how the ‘competition’ within the AI bots themselves has worked? For instance have they changed places based on performance? And how many are competing at any given time?

  2. yeah.. easy bull market ..ofcourse ai is going to give good resulst. now lets see what it does when market gets a bit more fun and difficult

    1. Thanks for the comment, as I’ve said previously – the most promising aspect is that the models exited and stayed flat while many market participants were still actively bullish; expecting higher prices over the past 3 weeks. During this challenging period the models have been proven correct and held onto their earlier gains.
      The cryptocurrency markets continue to exhibit huge market inefficiencies driven by large amounts of speculation and relatively inexperienced participants. While that situation persists I would anticipate continued above average gains from the AI models – but that’s what makes a market.

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