…and finally another bitcoin trade.

Sorry but this is going to be very brief as there are so many things to keep on top of with our pending ICO but I wanted to blast a few lines down as the bots has entered a long position into BTC basis Bitstamp. For the first time it has gone long a partial position … something we discussed introducing to the model population here.

I’m quite honestly surprised that the change took hold so quickly but there it is and the model has gone long 3.95 bitcoin for a cost of $10085.77 from a total available of $30280.12 so pretty much a 1/3 positon at approximately 2547.

No positions yet in any of the other coins so we’ll see if the model is predicting a general resumption of the rally or if this is bitcoin specific.

— Wintermute —

2 thoughts on “…and finally another bitcoin trade.

  1. Surprising indeed given all the negative sentiment WRT a possible chain split. Then again, perhaps this has already been priced in and any kind of resolution will be seen as a positive by the market. This new position was what I was hoping would happen.

  2. Bitcoin getting hit, with bigger drops in most alts is quite unusual, but we are also seeing declines in other asset classes, notably bonds, precious metals and high Beta stocks. This suggests to me the moves may be macro in nature, perhaps a reaction to Central Bank signals that the era of easy money is coming to an end. Taper tantrum or something bigger?

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