And Flat Again…

The AI Models have flattened all long positions again over the last few days:
Sold ETC @ 19.13776, a small gain of 4.6%
Sold XMR @ 49.38421, a gain of 2.8%
Sold ETH @ 338.4915, a gain of 59.4%
Sold DASH @ 156.5249, a gain of 17.9%
Sold ZEC @ 379.43, a gain of 48.2%
Sold XRP @ 0.238092, a loss of 22.8%

We are now sitting with no cryptocurrency assets and our gain to date is +130.46%

The last couple of weeks have seen the models slowly making positive returns while side-stepping some of the more volatile swings (both up and down) so our drawdowns have been relatively light compared to the overall markets being traded. The encouraging aspect is the way there is a tendency for the models to jump in when there are perceived opportunities then exit quite quickly once those opportunities have either unfolded or disappeared.

— Wintermute —

5 thoughts on “And Flat Again…

  1. Congratulations Wintermute on an impressive performance! A couple of questions: 1) Why have you decided not to trade Litecoin? 2) Given it has the lowest correlation to all other coins, would you also consider adding MaidSafe coin to the list of tradable assets?

    I will continue to follow your updates with a keen interest and look forward to the token sale.


    1. Hi Duncan,
      I think Litecoin is a definite candidate for adding to the model mix. We didn’t include it in the initial set because it seemed a coin that has passed it’s Prime…it didn’t appear to have any unique that made it stand out. I think that has changed recently with the SegWit implementation and the problems with extending the bitcoin blocksize and ongoing debate so I think this is definitely a candidate to be added in the future.

  2. The 01/08 UASF deadline seems to have finally brought the Bitcoin scaling power struggle to a head. >90% of miners are now signaling for SegWit 2X. If this means a layer 2 scaling solution gets deployed, there may well be a big move back into Bitcoin and out of the Alta. If this happens, it will be very interesting to see if the bot picks up on it and takes a position before the move becomes more widely identifiable.

    1. Hi Nitin, we don’t make the signals available for general trading, that would cause problems when we implement the models for larger volumes. People could front-run our execution.
      There is an ICO being launched ( which uses these models as part of an overall investment approach for token holders.

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