Quick Trade Update

Very busy at the moment but didn’t want to miss out trade updates.


Over the past 2 days the model has purchased XMR at 48.06244 and ZEC at 256.007. It’s surprisingly steering clear of bitcoin, its also steering clear of Ether Classic at this stage.

Performance is now at +115.57%, turning $23,938 into $51,602.86. More updates shortly.

— Wintermute —

2 thoughts on “Quick Trade Update

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the enquiry. The AI bot isn’t commercially available for sale. We are in the process of putting together an ICO which will help fund the ongoing development of the model and distribute profits to the token holders. we haven’t launched the ICO yet, we’re still pulling together all the collateral and coin management procedures but you can register for more information when it is launched at https://AICoin.io Alternatively I can send you more information when the whitepaper is released.

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