AI Model Update

No trades of late so I thought I would post a brief update and a review of the exits made last week. The single remaining position, Ripple (XRP) has been going great guns and is showing a gain of over 1000%, all the more astounding considering the other alt coins monitored seem to have entered a consolidation phase – we’re impressed with the models identification of the different behaviour which resulted in continuing to hold XRP while divesting of the other coins. Of all the exit trades, BTC is currently the most disappointing. The model exited at close to $1700 and we are now seeing trades up at $1800. All the other coins are at either their exit levels or lower.

Overall performance is now standing at +75.63%, this compares to a BTC buy and hold performance of +72.25% over the same period. We still need to see the performance of the model over a significant cryptocurrency pullback, something we have still not seen and as I have emphasised previously the importance of this diary is really to review the decisions made by the AI Bot. The performance should not be considered as in any way indicative of it’s long term expected performance which I would expect to be significantly lower.

CurrencyStarting BalanceUSDCryptoRateUSD EquivTOTALGain/loss
Ether Classic$203.00$487.3906.338$0.00$487.39140.09%
Hold BTC$23,938.00$0.0022.907177031800$41,232.92$41,232.9272.25%

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