Is this the end of the Crypto rally?

Last night saw the models liquidate another two positions. Eterium (ETH) was closed out with a gain of 80.5% and Monero (XMR) was closed out with a gain of 37.4%, Monero has now recovered the earlier loss and is showing a net gain of 27.4%.

This is a key moment for the models; up until now they have simply ridden with the prevailing trend but over the last 24 hours they have sold into the rally, new behaviour not exhibited so far. Bitcoin is still going from strength to strength with our models performance of +60.5% lagging the bitcoin buy and hold model which has achieved +62.11%. The next few days will be key to see if the models spotted something that the rest of the market has missed.

CurrencyStarting BalanceUSDCryptoRateUSD EquivTOTALGain/loss
Ether Classic$203.00$487.3905.33$0.00$487.39140.09%
Hold BTC$16,900.00$0.0016.172248801694$27,395.79$27,395.7962.11%

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