Starting Point

As mentioned previously we will setup the AI to learn and trade across seven separate cryptocurrencies. Each will trade vs USD or a USD equivalent. Tether is a coin that has been issued and is backed by an equivalent amount of USD to the value tracks the dollar 1:1 so we use this on Poloniex that doesn’t support holding fiat currencies.

The system is designed with the capability to trade automatically when a signal is given. Poloniex has an API which we can use; First Global Credit doesn’t currently have an API but we have written our own interface to auto-trade. They are apparently working on an API interface e so we will switch to that when available.

We have adjusted the amount of capital across each coin based approximately on the market capitalisation of the total coin market. While this does skew the early results to be dominated by the largest market, bitcoin, we believe this will be offset over time by the increased volatility of the smaller capitalisation coins. All else being equal these two factors will hopefully balance out.

So to summarise the amount available for the trading of each coin is:

Bitcoin: $16900
Etherium:  $4800
ZCash: $610
Ether Classic: $203
DASH: $610
Monero: $305
Ripple: $510

Total: $23,938


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