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Hi, we’re really excited about our new project so we wanted to share some of the details….There’s our first hurdle – we’re in stealth mode and are not permitted to divulge to much information on the end product we are working towards…so What can I say? So we’ve discussed with the founders what is proprietary and what can be shared – the good news we can give a lot of insight into our modelling, the general purpose of the model and some testing results. Hopefully over time we can also start to reveal some of the specifics of the primary models we are working on.

So, as I’m sure you’ve guessed we are working on utilising AI. We’ve set ourselves up to compete in one of the most challenging arena’s out there – financial trading. As I said – we can’t publish results yet for the primary model but what we have done is started training an AI trading bot to trade cryptocurrencies.

For those who are unfamiliar with the field I will present a summary in a later post but suffice to say it is a volatile set of markets that will provide a real testing ground for the models.

Our intention with this blog is to use it as a real-time lab report, giving details of trades executed in the markets and also giving some insight into the underlying structure of the models we are developing and the thinking behind them.

We welcome any questions, comments, or insights – the purpose is to share ideas and learn from others – not just spout our views to everyone.

Thanks for reading

–Wintermute —


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  1. Hey how do I get in touch with you guys? I’m working on an LSTM right now for crpyto and would be interested to talk with you guys about your efforts

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